Friday, December 16, 2005

31 flavors. One fuck-up.

So there's this country Elbonia, which has a lot of people that its government classifies as being "economically backward". Some people in this country decided that it would be good for Elbonian society if they managed to give jobs to the economically backward (hereafter referred to as "poor"). Their Government had two choices:

1. Make a list of all the poor families in the country and give one job to each family.
2. Classify them into 31 categories on the basis of which Baskin Robbins flavor they liked, and give jobs only to those flavors that were liked by very poor people on average. In this case, rich people who liked a flavor that a lot of poor people liked would still get jobs anyway, while poor people who liked flavors that a lot of rich people liked wouldn't get those jobs.

Which choice would you think was saner?

Now replace "Baskin Robbins flavor" by "caste", "Elbonia" by "India" and you get the provisions of the Mandal Commission.


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